Stuffed Peppers with Tomatoes and Peas (Gluten Free)

For a sweet, traditional and easy recipe there are not many better alternatives than stuffed peppers. A great way to use up a few left over veggies that can make you feel full and satisfied. You can mostly use anything you like to stuff them and the end result will be tasty and likely nutritious. … Continue reading Stuffed Peppers with Tomatoes and Peas (Gluten Free)

Pulled Aubergine

Hello everyone! I guess you already know how much I love aubergines, in any possible way really. Well, this is a recipe that alternates with (perhaps) the most famous accompaniment jackfruit (of which I will show you my version in the near future), in panini, sandwiches and burgers. It is really easy to make, and … Continue reading Pulled Aubergine

Duchess-ish Potato Baskets with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

I'll be honest with you this dish wasn't planned, at all. I had some leftover mash potato too runny, unfortunately, and I wanted to use it up as a side first because I hate wasting food, second 'cause the taste was perfectly fine. Then this recipe started to build up in my mind and I … Continue reading Duchess-ish Potato Baskets with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Vegan Stracchino

Along with eggs, one ingredient that vegans are very likely to miss (I reckon even more than eggs) is indeed cheese. Lately we're experiencing a real boom here in the UK. Every supermarket nowadays has at least one plant based alternative, but the real issue is that they usually don't taste that great, at all. … Continue reading Vegan Stracchino

Vegan Berries Paris-Brest

I have to tell you: vegan choux pastry is a real struggle. If you're doing regular profitelors or eclairs almost every recipe I've tried will do, but if you're as stubborn as me and you want to bake a Paris-Brest, that's when the troubles start! I've lost the count of how many attempt I've done … Continue reading Vegan Berries Paris-Brest

Butternut Squash, Spinach and NoGoat Cheese Lasagna (Vegan)

Many people that love cooking have what they would call their "signature dish" and I believe this is mine. I have been holding off doing this recipe for quite a while as I had not (until now) found a way to veganise it to the high standard I hold myself to. The original recipe was … Continue reading Butternut Squash, Spinach and NoGoat Cheese Lasagna (Vegan)

Tomato and Mushrooms Filo Quiche

Eggs are one of the biggest cravings you can have when going plant based. Eggs are high energy and whilst not super healthy, they do feel very nutritious. I personally never liked eggs and eggy things. I've always done quiches by using a thickener such as flour (sometimes simple B├ęchamel sauce), and any kind of … Continue reading Tomato and Mushrooms Filo Quiche

Vegan Tzatziki Sauce

OMG I'm literally addicted to this sauce. It's smooth, creamy with a acidic and refreshing aftertaste.. In two words: Simply Perfect! Perfect to season wraps, as a dipping sauce for your favourite raw veggies or just to be eaten straight from the pot, spoonful after spoonful. And guess what? It's very quick and straightforward to … Continue reading Vegan Tzatziki Sauce

Vegan Parmigiana

Southern Italian recipe today. Definetly my favourite dish ever: Parmigiana di Melanzane (Aubergine Parmigiana). Nowadays with all plant based alternatives available one can easily replicate any desired dish. I personally was craving for this one in particular until I've finally found my "cheeses combo": one that substitutes the Mozzarella and the other one instead of … Continue reading Vegan Parmigiana

Lebanese Moussaka with Green Peppers

I love Lebanese food and Moussaka is definetly at the top of my list. Those melt-in-the mouth aubergines and crunchy peppers that swim in a rich and spicy tomato sauce and my beloved chickpeas. As a teen I used to literally hated them and look at me now, pouring some in any kind of dishes, … Continue reading Lebanese Moussaka with Green Peppers