Tofu Makhani

One of my favourite Indian dishes is Paneer Makhani. It is a dish that originates in the north Indian region of Punjab and is extremely warming and hearty like many Indian dishes. Perfect on a cold day, as a snack, starter or a main. This dish usually uses the Indian cheese paneer but for this … Continue reading Tofu Makhani

Vegan Camembert Cheese

Good morning everyone! I have already talked before about how sometimes we want something creamy, cosy and pleasing to the palate, a vegetable substitute for cheese. I think it's normal, especially if we've been used to certain types of food during our development to miss it. It is a transition that all vegans face, and … Continue reading Vegan Camembert Cheese

Chinese Style Deep Fried Tofu Puffs with Mushrooms & Baby Pak Choi

You might have noticed that I'm a foodie and that I love different cuisines from all around the globe. Veganising recipes is my daily challenge and discovering new flavours and ingredients one of my hobbies. Chinese cuisine is definetly on my top 3 of fav cuisines ever. I had started cooking Chinese food when I … Continue reading Chinese Style Deep Fried Tofu Puffs with Mushrooms & Baby Pak Choi

Beta Carotene Soup topped with Vegan Sour Cream

Hello lovely, I hope you're well. Here in the UK the weather is a bit nippy lately, hence for dinner there's nothing better than a cosy and warm soup. With as little as 150 kcal per portion (considering 150g of soup + 1 tbs olive oil + 1 tbs sour cream) this flavourful soup is … Continue reading Beta Carotene Soup topped with Vegan Sour Cream

Gin and Cranberries Victoria Sponge (Quick&Easy Sponge Recipe!)

Hello guys! Lately I've been experimenting sponges in order to achieve the perfect rise and softness, since they are very very versatile. I have a couple of win recipes so far that I'm going to share with you soon, but this one currently wins above all! I've seen lots of vegans using the soda trick … Continue reading Gin and Cranberries Victoria Sponge (Quick&Easy Sponge Recipe!)

Creamy Courgette and Rocket Pasta

I was feeling like making a pasta dish today and I wanted it to be creamy and gorgeous with a refreshing and peppery finish. I also love courgettes and tomatoes in pasta dishes, although I didn't fancy to use some tomato passata this time. I wanted it to be creamy an slightly coloured. I always … Continue reading Creamy Courgette and Rocket Pasta

Taralli Pugliesi

Good morning everyone! Today I've decided to share with you a typical recipe of the region where I come from, Apulia. These are taralli, boiled and oven baked dough circles: a few simple ingredients that once mixed give birth to one of my favourite snacks ever. Since here in England they are pretty rare to … Continue reading Taralli Pugliesi

Vegan Ricotta

Today I'm going to show you how to homemade a delicious and very versatile Italian cheese, veganised as usual: the creamy ricotta. This is a truly satisfying recipe that takes literally no time and effort to make and you can also both use freshly made (within 3 days) or freeze (although I recommend to use … Continue reading Vegan Ricotta

Vegan Rice Arancini

It happens very rarely maybe, but sometimes we make more risotto than we can eat and, instead of eating that ball of gluy stuff the day after or (even worse) bin it, I have the right recipe for you. Yes, we indeed need some left over risotto, 1 or 2 days old (this time will … Continue reading Vegan Rice Arancini

Green Split Lentil Dahl (My Way)

High in protein*, this delicious split pulses soup finds its roots in Southern Asian countries. It basically consists of a single or a mix of dahl varieties boiled with tumeric, salt and pepper to taste, and mixed with some fried vegetables, and it is typically served along with naan bread (that usually contains cow's milk, … Continue reading Green Split Lentil Dahl (My Way)