About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to my little, special place.

I’m Adriana, a 33 years old passionate about travels, science, photography, wellness and – last but definitely not least – food.


Not only do I love and enjoy cooking, but I get really excited about experimenting and combining new flavours, ingredients, cuisines and crazy thoughts.

I was born in Apulia, a Region in Southern Italy, and I currently live in the vibrant London, UK. To be fair, as many of you may relate, I started my journey in the plant based world as a mere “challenge”, about 5 years ago. I challenged myself to eat on a veg based diet just for a week. And what started as a simple and unpretentious challenge has nowadays became my lifestyle, and definitely is one of the things I’ve done for myself that I’m most happy about.

This space is dedicated to all my spot-on culinary experiments in order to (hopefully) inspire your creativity.

I hope you enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Adriana Z.